Flat Offer

With frequent usage of public recharges

20 €/month

50 kwh/month included



0,40 €/kwh


Consumption Offer

Payment only required in case of consumption

2 €/mese


All the consumptions

0,40 €/kwh


To maximize the network availability in the various public recharge points and to meet as much as possible the users' needs, a new disposition has been added to the contract general conditions. The disposition imposes the recharge point plug disconnection at the end of the recharge process (cfr. art. 9 of the Contract General Conditions).  After 60 minute from the end of the recharge, if the vehicle is still connected to the plug of the recharge point, additional fees, free of VAT according to the article 15 of D.P.R 633/1972, will be applied until the plug in use will be disconnected. The additional fees are the following:

  • 0,08 €/minute for recharge points with Type 2 (or Mennekes) and Type 3A plugs, from Monday to Saturday (holidays included), from 7:00 to 23:00.
  • 0,15 €/minute for the recharge points with CHAdeMo and Combo CCS2 plugs, from Monday to Saturday (holidays included), from 0:00 to 23:59.